The BGD Weightless is a brand new concept for a paragliding event. An annual event, it will be based on weight classes. Up to now flying heavy has always been an advantage. This has resulted in heavy equipment and ballast for competitions. BGD would like to change all this and encourage people to fly with light equipment. Woman and men will not be separated as these weight classes will help to even up the sexes.

The BGD Weightless is aimed at up and coming pilots looking to improve their Cross Country, competition experience or just to enjoy a unique experience hanging out with some of the best pilots in the world. Hosted in a relaxed environment, the first event will be held in Slovenia in the famous Soca Valley from 2nd to 8th September 2018.

Leading the event will be Bruce Goldsmith and he will have a world class team behind him to present one of the most advanced events in the world, without spoiling the fun. The event is particularly suited to leisure pilots that have done some small XC’s (20km+) and have flown in one or two fun competitions, but it will not exclude more advanced pilots, who will also benefit from participation. 2-liners will not be allowed to participate and the focus will be on the B & C classes, without excluding the A’s and D’s. The event will be scored by FAI rules and will be an CAT2 event. There will be prizes, lectures, coaching and fun throughout. Welcome to the BGD Weightless. Registration opens on the 26th December at 11.00 CET.

For more information about specifics for the event, please read the FAQ section.

So whether you have participated in many events or this is your first, you are welcome to participate in the BGD Weightless. See you in Slovenia (and leave the ballast at home).