Frequently Asked Questions

The BGD Weightless

Pilots will love the fun and friendly atmosphere, the in-depth daily briefings and the easy access to some of the best pilots in the world.  Whilst some pilots will find the BGD Weightless to be the perfect springboard into competition flying, others will see it as the ideal environment in which to improve their XC skills or simply enjoy flying in an international friendly setting where the flying and social experience counts for much more than the results.

Why a NEW competition?
The BGD Weightless wishes to both help pilots understand flying their wing more, to aid with the cross country flying, but also to help address the issue continual pressure on pilots to fly with more and more ballast. In the BGD Weightless, there will simply be no need to fly with heavier equipment!

Having experienced the BGD Weightless, most pilots will want to return, particularly as every year we will change venue, have new speakers and generally improve the event year-on-year.

Where possible, we will prioritise applications from qualified pilots who have never competed before.

For pilots that have 2 or 3 competitions under their belt, but would still prefer to compete in this unique event, with all the support, parties, fun and prizes, we will have many places set aside.  It’s the perfect opportunity to meet up with old friends, fly achievable tasks all in the same friendly atmosphere.

What can I expect from the event?

General: The BGD Weightless is aimed at pilots with low experience of competition flying or cross country in general.  But we can expect many very experienced pilots to also be accepted to participate. Skygods are not excluded. After all, we have let Bruce in!

Wings:  At the BGD Weightless, most pilots will fly EN-B or EN-C wings.  There are usually a few EN-A gliders.  We will however not allow Competition Class (CCC) gliders.

Tasks:  At the BGD Weightless,is a brand new format of competition. The focus is not on weight & ballast, as almost every other competition in paragliding is. It is about flying lightweight, the way the sport is intended. We will have weight classes so you can fly as a weight that is safe for you, whilst still competing in a fair manner.

Who organizes these events?
The BGD Weightless is organized by Brett Janaway and his team, on behalf of BGD Gliders.

What wing can I fly?
At the BGD Weightless, most pilots will fly EN-B or EN-C wings.  There will be a few EN-A gliders.  We will not allow  uncertified gliders or Competition Class gliders.

I can’t use a GPS!
We encourage pilots to become familiar with how to use their GPS units before the event.  In reality, many (maybe even most!) pilots will learn a lot about navigating a competition tasks during the BGD Weightless.

What Briefings/debriefs and talks are there?
We will be giving in-depth briefs and debriefs for tasks at the event. Our aim is to brief in enough depth that no one takes off without having a complete understanding of the task they are about to fly, and once the day is finished, for them to understand how they could have done it better.

We will also give a range of talks in the evenings according to the mood of the day, all designed to improve your flying in Cross Country and/or Competitions.

How much is the entry fee?
The entry fee for competing pilots will be 270 euro*This includes the entry, transport and retrieves, site fees, talks, briefings and de-briefs, party meals, the last night party and a BGD Weightless T-shirt.  As a competing pilot you will automatically be entered into a free draw for some great prizes. For non-flying family and friends, there will be the opportunity to buy entrance tickets to meals and party’s etc.

I want to enter the BGD Weightless with my partner.  What should I do?
We make a make a special effort for couples. Please email us giving us details of your partner so we can try to allow the two of you.

I want to enter the BGD Weightless with a friend (or as a group of friends).  What should I do?
This might not be possible. We make a special effort for couples but because of our strict entry criteria it becomes incredibly complicated to allow for larger groups. Please email us giving us details of your group so we can try as best as we can, but please do not rely on the entire group getting in.

Me and my friends are of mixed experience (some have never competed before and others have several times).  Should we apply for this event?
If flying as a group is more important to you than which competition you enter, we would suggest you apply for the BGD Weightless.  The BGD Weightless is certainly open to first time competition pilots and experienced pilots.

Can I enter if I’ve never really used my GPS before?
The BGD Weightless is the prefect training ground to really get to grips with your GPS unit.  Not only will learning how to use a GPS properly help during the competition, but it will also transform your personal XC flying.

What prizes are there?
The BGD Weightless has some of the best prizes of any paragliding competition.  But the event is not about prizes, so please don’t come just to win a prize.

How are the prizes given?
The organisers shall award the prizes in any manner they choose throughout the event. In principle there will not be prizes for winning any flying tasks, but they shall be given on a discretionary basis. For the major prizes they will be awarded at the end of the event, during the final party, and will be decided by way of a lottery draw (“names from a hat”). Any pilot not in attendance at the draw will not be eligible to win a prize.

What is an IPPI card?
The term IPPI stands for International Pilot Proficiency Information. It is issued by your National Association and reflects the standard you are trained to. For example, a UK pilot would contact the BHPA office who would issue a license at IPPI 4, if you are Pilot rated, at a cost of £11. Do not confuse it with a Sporting License.

What is a Sporting License?
This is a license to be able to compete in an FAI sanctioned competition. It is issued by your National Association and usually all pilots are eligible to hold it. For example, a UK pilot would contact the BHPA office who would issue a license at a cost of £11. Whilst an IPPI card is not required, a sporting licence is required for this event.